Ged Doran

Call To The Bar: 1993

Since being called to the bar in 1993 Gerard practiced at the London Bar before returning to has native North West. During his years on the South Eastern Circuit he developed a strong practice often said to be beyond his call. He was much in demand representing those facing the most serious of charges in case involving: Homicide; Serious Violence; Gang Related Violence; High End Drugs Importation and Supply; People Trafficking; Fraud and Money Laundering.

In 2005 with a healthy practice and requests to represent those involved in serious cases in all geographical areas of the country he decided to base himself in the North West of the country and was made to feel most welcome at the prestigious Lincoln House Chambers.

The move from London has proved to have been a real success. Gerard’s practice has gone from strength to strength. He has maintained at a high level of the type of work in which he is regularly instructed predominantly as Leading Counsel

Gerard is regularly briefed in Murder and Manslaughter case. Recently he has completed an “Honour Killing” case is coming to the conclusion of a “One Punch Manslaughter” and in the New Year will be representing a gang member accused of Attempted Murder of a police officer.

Gerard’s practice has taken him into all areas of organised crime from Drug Importation, Armed Robbery of Banks and People Trafficking for Prostitution.

Serious and complex drug importations and distribution have for a long time featured in Gerard’s practice. He has for many years been involved in cases involving large scale and sophisticated enterprises concerning the movement of drugs into and around the United Kingdom. He recently completed Conspiracy to Import cocaine where the amount of drug being imported from Peru was in excess of a metric tonne with a value of £166 million also a case involving the distribution of Class A drugs across the County of Cumbria and the North East of England.

Gerard’s practice in this area continues to flourish. He is instructed as Leading Counsel in a 17 handed Drugs and Firearms Importation which is expected to take 4 months to litigate.

Fraud and Money Laundering is an area of the law in which Gerard has always held a strong hand. He has been instructed both a Junior and Leading Counsel in VAT Carousel Fraud and computer based Banking Fraud as well as Frauds Against Copyright. Gerard has recently completed a major fraud perpetrated against Astra Zenica and the complex confiscation proceedings that followed   He is recently instructed in a case concerning a Waste Disposal Fraud against Trafford Borough Council involving 14 Defendants to be tried in late 2009.

Much of the work that Gerard does involves the questions of Money Laundering and Confiscation whether contained within the indictment or dealt with secondarily.

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