Mohammed Nawaz

Call To The Bar: 1995

‘Meticulous in his preparation.’ – Legal 500, 2015

For a number of years I have been involved in a significant number of long and complex cases. I have acted for both the defence and prosecution.

Often the cases have involved extremely able senior counsel either leading me or representing other parties in the case. I have used the opportunity to learn from such advocates and enhance my own skills as an advocate.

The cases I have done, some of which are outlined below have often involved grave allegations and complex matters of law and fact. They have required extensive preparation often taking many months. This has included the marshalling of complex financial transactions, addressing complex legal issues, analysing difficult forensic accountancy reports (R v Patel and Others, R v Zaka Uddin and others, see below) and addressing complicated legal issues. (e.g R v Khan and R v Ahmed, see below)

My policy is always to establish good, clear lines of communication with my instructing solicitors and where appropriate officers in the case so that I can be apprised of developments on a frequent basis. This is based on recognition, that as Counsel I am one step removed from direct knowledge of factual developments. The responsibility of advising on legal and procedural matters thereafter of course falls on me. A good example of this is R v Pervez and Priddle, where early and regular conferences meant that a murder trial involving 12 witnesses from Pakistan was able to run smoothly and efficiently. (See below)

Regular conferences are complemented by written advices addressing evidential matters, where required. I try to encourage a policy whereby instructing solicitors feel able to ask for advice at short notice, by email and feel confident that they will get a comprehensive and timely response from me.